Primate Visits St. Vartan Camp

eNewsletter of the Eastern Diocese 
St. Vartan Camp began its camp season in late June at the Ararat Center in upstate New York. Campers have been active in sports and swimming, as well as daily classes in religion, arts and crafts, culture and Armenian language. This week campers enrolled in “Session B” welcomed Diocesan Primate Archbishop Khajag Barsamian. Visiting the camp on Tuesday, July 12, Archbishop Barsamian spoke with campers about Pope Francis’s visit to Armenia this summer. He also joined the young people for lunch and observed afternoon classes.

Space is still available for “Session C” of St. Vartan Camp. Visit to learn more, and click here to view photo highlights from each session.

Hye Camp will kick off later this month at Camp Hickory in Ingleside, IL. The camp program is expecting record-breaking numbers, and registration is closed at this time.

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