Smithsonian Institution to propagate Armenia history around the world

MassisPost -- Molly Fannon, Director of International Relations at Smithsonian Institution in Washington D.C., speaking to the Voice of America Armenian service, said Armenia has a rich culture. In her view, however, this is not only the cultural masterpieces, but the people’s lifestyle, oral stories, dance, and food. The Smithsonian Institution studies Armenia’s ancient and rich culture, and endeavors to preserve it and convey to the world. To this end, the Smithsonian Institution has launched the “My Armenia” project, with US government funding and in collaboration with the Government of Armenia.

In addition, the Smithsonian Institution plans to devote the 2018 cultural festival in the US entirely to Armenia. Fannon added that they also wish to develop Armenia’s cultural sector by linking it to tourism, and create new jobs in cultural tourism.
Molly Fannon noted that their respective objective is to bring new tourists to Armenia, who will spend most of their time outside capital city Yerevan, and get familiarized with the Armenian folk cultural heritage.
Furthermore, this project plans to digitize—in 3D format—the masterpieces of Armenian culture and history.


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