Armenian Genocide survivor Keghetzik Hagopian-Zourikian passes away at 107

Keghetzik Hagopian-Zourikian one of the last Armenian Genocide survivors in Montreal, Canada, passed away on September 26 at the age of 107. Keghetzik Hagopian-Zourikian was born in Bursa, near Constantinople in 1909. In 1915, Hagopian’s father was taken into the Turkish military, and then killed for being an Armenian. She was subsequently separated from her mother and siblings at a young age and grew up as an orphan with only one of her sisters, until her sister fell ill and they also separated. (Işıklar içinde yatsın. HYETERT)

 Her journey as an orphaned refugee took her to Greece and Egypt. After leaving the orphanage she worked as a domestic helper in a Jewish household in Egypt. Hagopian eventually met and married another orphan from the Armenian genocide who was living in Beirut as a refugee. They started a family in Egypt and immigrated to Canada with their three children. Hagopian tracked down and met her mother only decades later since their forced separation as a child.
She is survived by nine grandchildren and eighteen great grandchildren.

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