German Historian on studying Documents about the Armenian Genocide

German historian and author of a number of works Michael Hesemann has studied the documents linked with the Armenian Genocide that are kept in Vatican’s open and secret archives since 2009. “I have worked both in the central archive and in the special archive of historical documents. Getting a permission to work in that archive I revealed several documents that haven’t been published yet,” Michael Hesemann noted during the meeting with reporters.

He informed that those documents are included in his book entitled “The Armenian Genocide” which is to be translated into different languages, including into Armenian. In addition to this the historian noted that he had handed over the copies of 1100 pages of the documents to the director of the RA National Academy of Sciences.

In his words the majority of those documents are the correspondences of Popes with their representatives. Firstly he noted that the findings reveal the Ottoman Turks have carried out a planned extermination of the Cristian population, particularly Armenians.

“It was a planned state policy. And the talks that it was related to the uprising organized by Armenians are merely a pretense to hide their plans, namely the mass extermination of the Armenian population,” he said adding that the Ottoman Turks believed that only a homogeneous state can be powerful.
“They intentionally sent Armenians to concentration camps being sure that they would not overcome the cold winter and if they could make it out they would surely not be able to survive in the hot Syrian deserts. This would be a “natural” extermination of the Armenian nation,” the historian noted.
According to him his findings state that 1.5 million Armenians were massacred. One of the letters (written in November 1918) notes that 1.5 out of 2.3 were killed.

“These documents show that the slogan of the Ottoman Turkey “Armenian without Armenians” is a fact and the Germans assisted them in carrying out the planned crime,” the historian added.

In the words of Michael Hesemann one of the letters written by a priest reveals the Armenian Genocide was linked to the Masonic lodge. Being representatives of that lodge the Ottoman Turks intended to exterminate the Christians be it by 0.2 or by 20 percent. The fact is they realized their intentions.
In response to the question whether he has ever attempted to present his findings to the experts of the international law or whether they will enable Armenian to apply to the international courts to reveal justice he stated the following: “It is surely possible to turn to such organizations but the thing is whether such organizations are independent or connected with masonic organizations. This means the objective judgement by such organizations are questionable.”

Michael Hesemann added that he will continue his studies in Vatican.

“I will do my best to prove that the tragic historical events that occurred in the beginning of the 20th century have become the source of many similar events. It is necessary to reveals all the details,” the German historian stated.


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