Kerkorian left USD 2 billion to Armenia: V. Oskanian

Chairman of “Hamakhmbum” (Consolidation) party Vartan Oskanian on his Facebook page touched upon the will of billionaire Kirk Kerkorian. “Today I have read the will of Kirk Kerkorian. I understood that USD 2 billion was bequeathed, which exclusively will be provided to one or more charitable organizations, which have U.S. tax service’s so called 501(C)3 privilege. The will must be disposed by three mentioned individuals, only one of whom is Armenian. In three years after Kirk Kerkorian’s death (one year has already passed) those three individuals must finish the distribution of that sum.

Though there is no limitation on the decision of these three people, except that the decisions should be made on the principle of majority, I, nevertheless, think these persons carry moral responsibility, which derives from the priorities of charitable donations by Kirk Kerkorian especially during the recent 20 years.

Kirk Kerkorian made charitable donations in three main directions:

American institutions, especially educational
Armenian organizations- educational, cultural, publishing etc.
The largest part of his donations- to Armenia.
I am sure that this factor puts some responsibility on the persons disposing the will in connection with their choice.

It would be right to establish a 5-7 member committee including individuals, who enjoy the absolute trust of Armenians as soon as possible, so that the committee by holding consultations with larger groups, including Armenian government, present a package of proposals to those three individuals. The committee will aim at justifying the provision of large amounts of the will to Armenia, as well as noting the organizations and projects, which should be provided those sums.

This issue shouldn’t be left to the mercy of fate. It will also be unacceptable if individuals or individual organizations, separately by their means, with contradicting proposals, serving their own interest, eliminate those three individuals, who dispose the will,” writes Mr Oskanian.

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  1. The Armenian government members in Yerevan will find a way to steal a portion of this money. I have no faith.


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