Dear Diocesan Donors,

“Ever since I was a child, the Diocese has served as a ‘home base’ for everything Armenian-related. It’s where we went to badarak; where my parents were married; where I went to pray and talk to God. Culturally, it’s a cornerstone of my Armenian identity—from its bookstore to its programming.” A donor wrote these words, to describe the important place the Eastern Diocese held in her life. Her sentiment is borne out by numerous people in New York City and the country, who responded to our recent survey titled, “How Are We Doing?” In it, we asked why people give to the Diocese and to other non-profits; we asked if the Diocese fulfills your needs, and how it could better serve our generous members.

To all those who shared their thoughts—and clearly expressed the critical role the Armenian Church plays in your lives—I want to say, Thanks.

Respondents told us they appreciate communications like this message, along with receiving our heartfelt acknowledgements of their contributions.

They said that upholding the Armenian faith and culture is a paramount value in their lives—with 68% of respondents giving to the Diocese to preserve these values, and 64% attending the Armenian Church because of their strong faith.

When it comes to improving as an organization, 57% suggested better parish and parishioner outreach. We look forward to helping implement these thoughts in the coming year.

In these final weeks of 2016, the Development Department is focusing its energy on the Annual Appeal campaign. I want to thank every donor who has already contributed—as well as those who are considering a donation to support our ministries. Please accept my personal invitation to learn more and enjoy some Christmas shopping on Thursday, December 15, when we’re holding at a special event at the Michael Aram flagship store in Manhattan. Click here to learn more about this special event.

This month the Diocese is promoting its second annual “Giving Tuesday”: an online initiative launched four years ago by the 92nd Street Y and the United Nations Foundation to encourage charitable giving worldwide. Please consider being a part of the occasion on Tuesday, November 29—not only to help the Eastern Diocese, but to acknowledge the many meaningful causes that speak to your heart.

Your ongoing confidence in the Diocese inspires us to reach higher, and build on our accomplishments. Your support keeps the Armenian Church of America vital and healthy. All our efforts will continue to bear fruit when we advance our church’s mission together.


Taleen Babayan
Development Department
(212) 686-0710, ext. 144

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