Mustafa Bakri said that Egypt would soon recognize #ArmenianGenocide

Mustafa Bakri, Egyptian MP bringing the motion of recognition of the genocide in his country, received Saturday, November 5th in Cairo a delegation from the CCAF Chrédo and came with European and Swiss French elected, inter alia, to learn about his initiative. This defender of human rights and democracy in Egypt, El-director Aosboa newspaper, expressed his conviction that the resolution would be passed soon. 337 of 596 members of Parliament have indeed already signed this text that recognizes the business of extermination of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire as genocide. 

“We must recognize this genocide in the name of historical truth has he said, on behalf of the dignity of victims and their descendants and demand of the Turkish state not only recognition, but repairs. It is as important to him that the Arab States and the Muslim world in general condemns this crime against humanity still too little known. “If Egypt recognizes the Genocide, it will need an alliance with Lebanon, which has the same approach to convince others to do the same Arab countries,” said Mustafa Bakri, concluding, “If 337 MPs signed this text, it is not to keep it in a drawer. “

Besides the delegation of Chrédo, were present at the Patrick Karam meeting, Vice President of the Regional Council, Philippe Kaltenbach and Bernard Fournier senators PS and LR, Gerard Bapt MP PS, György Hölvényi MEP EPP, William Frei, former Swiss Minister for Relations with the European Parliament and co-chair of CCAF Ara Toranian and Sona Attamian the Armenian Diocese of France. The video of this meeting will be broadcast starting Thursday on

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