Thanksgiving Blessings

You fill us, Lord
We convey our blessings to you and your family on one of the most meaningful observances of the year: Thanksgiving. How wonderful it is to live in a country that sets aside this day each year, to express gratitude for the bounties God has given us.

The idea of giving thanks to God has deep roots in the Armenian Christian tradition. Our daily prayers, indeed the Divine Liturgy itself, are all profound reflections on the theme of Thanksgiving. We are thankful, above all, for the great gift God bestowed on all the world, through His son, Jesus Christ.

This Thursday, as we remember the many good things that fill our lives, let us also offer thanks to the One who fills our hearts and spirits with his grace. In the words of the Armenian hymn Lutsak: “You have filled us with goodness, Lord ... glory to you who have fed us.”

May the blessings of Thanksgiving be with you and your loved ones always.

Archbishop Khajag Barsamian

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