MP Zaruhi Postanjyan suggests to invite Garo Palyan to Armenia

Deputy at Armenian National Assembly (NA) Zaruhi Postanjyan has come up with a suggestion to invite Turkish MP of Armenian origin Garo Palyan, who represents the Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) in the Turkish Parliament to Armenia.

According to Postanjyan, “Palyan should address the Armenian parliament and reach out to all our compatriots around the world with a message”.

To note, before today’s National Assembly sitting Postanjyan published a letter to Palyan, calling him to come to Armenia and deliver a message in the Armenian Parliament.

Garo Palyan has recently been suspended from parliamentary sessions as a punishment for his reference to the historic persecutions of the religious groups. According to Turkish media reports, certain political parties are even attempting to initiate a criminal case against him for constant references to the Armenian Genocide. Palyan is reportedly set to dispute the decision in the court.

Postanjyan suggested the Speaker of the National Assembly Galust Sahakyan to officially send an invitation to Palyan. “The matter needs to be discussed further. We should analyze the reasonability of inviting him to Armenia and to understand what is the message behind that invitations. I welcome the idea, it is acceptable for us, yet we should consider the political context as well,” NA Speaker Galust Sahakyan replied.

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  1. The UNreasonability of the invitation deserves no further analysis.